McDonnell Douglas (Mitsubishi) F-15J Eagle, Japan - Air Force AN2315091

This is a High Speed Interceptor based off the F-15 Eagle that is produced and manufactured by McDonnell Douglas.

This is a Fictional Name for the Mitsubishi F-15J.

Naval Ops: Warship Gunner Edit

Type: Interceptor

Nation of Origin: Japan

Price: 2,500

Night: Yes

Endurance: 25

Airborne Endurance: 3930

Speed: 2694

Weapons~ Edit

20mm Heavy Chain Gun Edit

Damage: 20

Range: 3000

Salvo: 10

Ammo: 100

Medium Range AAM Edit

Damage: 300

Range: 4000

Salvo: 1

Ammo: 8

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