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twin hull battleship


The Twin Hull Battleship is a unique battleship hull with 2 battleship hulls fused together allowing the addtion of extra weaponry. The hull can be aquired by sinking 500 transport ships or getting an A or S rank in the C-7 mission. if one wishes to sink the transports, Mission A-4 which spawns several fleets of them. this can be a simple task given the players ship is well equipped with heavy cannons with wide spread. this allow many ships to be sunk at the same time.

The hull allows a massive 60000 weight limit which is the highest in the game. this allows the use of very heavy weaponry. its base health is decent at about 7500, but can be increased if the proper upgrade is applied.

It is advised to invest in nuclear or fusion engines as the power output of the engines allows good speed. The only bad part the ship possesses is very bad turning radius a high 10 which is the highest of all. the best way to use this ship is to invest in the best equipment available, as well as proper placement of weapons being light cannons on the back with heavy ones on the front. if an experienced player has all weapons, the best is with a powerful wave gun on the front and heavy cannons with the highest caliber and 4 barrels on the back. heavy use of multi-purpose missile systems is an exceptional chose.


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