A6M Model 21

"I only wanted, to create something beautiful." - Jiro Horikoshi, Cheif Designer of the Zero Aircraft.

The A6M or Zero fighter has become the most legendary of Imperial Japan's airforces. The Model 21 was the first of the Zero to have foldable wings allowing them to fit into aircraft carriers. This model became the most widely produced.

Naval Ops: Warship GunnerEdit

Type: Interceptor

Nationality: Japan

Endurance: 8

Airborne Endurance: 1900

Speed: 533

Night: No

Price: 70

Weapons Edit

20mm Aerial Machine Gun Edit

Damage: 15

Range: 3000

Salvo: 3

Ammo: 30

Naval Ops: CommanderEdit

Type: Fighter

Nation of Origin: Japan

Tech (Air Tech): 1

Price: 70

Night Flight: No

Endurance: 40


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