A6M Model 32
In 1941, Nakajima introduced the Sakae 21 engine, which used a two-speed supercharger for better altitude performance, and increased power to 840 kW (1,130 hp). A prototype Zero with the new engine was first flown on July 15, 1941.

Naval Ops: CommanderEdit

Type: Fighter

Nation of Origin: Japan

Tech (Air Tech): 2

Price: 80

Endurance: 45


Naval Ops: Warship Gunner Edit

Type: Interceptor

Nation of Origin: Japan

Price: 80

Night: No

Endurance: 9

Airborne Endurance: 1318

Speed: 544

Weapons Edit

20mm Aerial Machine Gun Edit

Damage: 15

Range: 3000

Salvo: 3

Ammo: 30

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