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Aircraft Armaments are weapons pre-equiped to aircraft in the game. They include a wide range of weapons for various purposes. The German August Eurler was the first to patent the idea of a forward mounted machine gun on an aircraft in the year 1910.

*Aerial Electron Laser was left incomplete in the game, and does nothing. Stats from Warship Gunner 2, have yet to be discovered.
Name Offense Range
Warship Gunner Commander Warship Gunner 2
7.62mm Aerial Machine Guns 5 5 3000
7.92mm Aerial Machine Guns 6
12.7mm Aerial Machine Guns 7 7 3000
13mm Aerial Machine Guns 8
15mm Aerial Machine Guns 10
20mm Aerial Machine Gun 15 15 3000
20mm Heavy Chain Gun 20 20 3000
30mm Aerial Machine Gun 27 27 3000
40mm Aerial Machine Gun 40
88mm Gun 60
Small Laser 10
60kg Bomb 18 1800
100lb Bomb 24
250kg Bomb 76 76 1800
250lb Bomb 30 45 1800
500kg Bomb 150 225 1800
500lb Bomb 114
1000lb Bomb 225
1600lb Bomb 360
2000lb Bomb 300 450 1800
1t Bomb 300 450 1800
1.5t Bomb 675
2t Bomb 900
Guided Charged Particle Gun 2 1100
Aerial Torpedoes 175 190 3000
New Supersonic Torpedoes 700 5000
Air Anti-Ship Missile 200 600 4000
Aerial Depth Charges 50 75 600
Anti-sub Aerial Torpedoes 150
Guided Bomb 450 675 1800
Anti-Air Rocket Shell 100 300 3000
Long Range AAM 1500
Medium Range AAM 300 900 4000
Short Range AAM 180 540 3500
Rocket Shell 5 15 4000
Aerial Electron Laser* 0

Salvo and Ammunition[edit | edit source]

Salvo and Ammo capacity varies from aircraft to aircraft. In Commander, each weapon will always expend all their ammo in the same number of salvos, the more ammo an aircraft has will determine how many times that weapon will fire in a single salvo. For example, Anti-Air Rocket Shell has a base ammo of 4, so an aircraft with 4 ammo will expend all their ammo over 4 salvos, shooting 1 rocket per salvo. An aircraft with 12 ammo will still expend all their ammo for that weapon in 4 salvos, but they will shoot 3 rockets per salvo. A couple rare aircraft, mostly water planes, do not follow this trend and often times will only have enough ammo for a single salvo.

Some aircraft will sometimes practice some fire discipline, firing less rounds per salvo if they believe less is needed to destroy their target. Bombers display this most commonly, dropping a single bomb on weak targets, but multiple bombs on hardened targets

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