The Ammo Assemble is a special system.

Overview Edit

The Ammo Assembler is a very special ship system that is acquired by sinking 999 Super Ships. It mainly serves as a infinite ammo ability for a ship. Ammo capacity of any weapon applied to a ship with this system added will have a ammo capacity of 99999 which will never decrease.

How to acquired quickly Edit

In order to get this special system, the player will need to sink over 999 super ships which will take possibly weeks or months of play on standard super ships. To bypass this long trek to earn this system, One should play until they have a powerful Wave Gun (preferably a Massive wave gun) or a high damage artillery. The special mission which involves fighting the other crew on play through 2 should be played. This will spawn a Dual Crater which launches miniature Druna Skass's in groups of over 15. Sinking this will add to the Super ship scoreboard. Although the time it would take to achieve this would require hours of continuous game play. Ignore the Dual Crater at all costs in order to continue sinking the small Druna Skass's.

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