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Overview[edit | edit source]

Archeopteryx is a massive twin-cockpit strato bomber designed by the Empire to add to their super ship armada. Its primary use is to raze any opposing faction by carpet bombing the area. In the first game, it is relatively fast as it is able to out run most shot from cannons and machine guns. It is equipped with numerous machine gun on top and bottom with several high caliber double-barrel cannons on the front and back. After sustaining severe damage (in the first game) it will begin to fire all of its gun wildly (ironically ruining enemy accuracy score) and its speed will be significantly lessened.

Warship Gunner[edit | edit source]

Archeopteryx will attack the player while flying at top speed. Cannon fire will miss if fired directly at the bomber. Firing cannons shells at an intercepting angle will hit it. If cannons are hard to aim, large amounts of machine gun fire will damage the bomber quickly. After taking damage to its rear engine, it will temporally boost forward in an evasive maneuver. After taking enough damage to the rear, it will begin to wildly fire it cannons and machine guns at the player with barely any shot s be accurate enough to hit the player as well as having it speed reduced.

Naval Ops: Commander[edit | edit source]

Warship Gunner 2[edit | edit source]

Archeopteryx was sent out to destroy London, it primarily targets the player by carpet bombing. fast-paced ships and well balanced ships with decent firepower, defense, and speed will allow a player to evade the damaging carpet bombing. the player must take caution and not venture to close to London as Archeoteryx can bomb both the player and the city. The bomber has 3 weak point that slightly hinder the plane. the damage points are the wings and the tail fin. Damaging the wings hinders the plane turning radius making it harder for it to attack the player. When destroyed the plane will crash into the ocean.

Data[edit | edit source]

Warship Gunner[edit | edit source]

Area: B-10

Endurance: 23000


30.5cm Gun

57mm Chain Gun

Rocket Shell

Long Range AAM

Aerial Torpedoes II

Medium Range Anti-Air Rocket

Guided Precision Bomb

Naval Ops Commander[edit | edit source]

Area: C-5

Defense: 5800


30.5cm 65-Caliber

40mm Heavy Chain Gun

Rocket shell


Aerial Torpedoes

Medium Range AA shell

Guided Bomb

Warship Gunner 2[edit | edit source]


Endurance 10000

Speed 333km/h


38.1cm Gun

30cm Rocket Launcher

12cm 30b MLRS

57mm Revolving Gun

45cm Rocket Launcher

Cluster Rocket Launcher

20.3cm Gun

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