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Overview Edit

Dora Durhi is a super weapon created by the empire to guard a strait of Black sea to prevent the Freedom Forces from invading. The super weapon has the appearance of a large railway train. It has 4 diesel locomotive engines that tow the massive artillery cannon. The main weapon the train uses is a Howitzer that is capable of firing molten balls of magma at the sea. Destroying the diesel engines lessens the weapons speed by 25% each engine. If it loses all its locomotives it will slowing roll to one of 2 tunnels on either side of the island. If it reaches these tunnels, it will regain it locomotives and its lost speed. Around the map, several blimps hover around serving as observation and for coordinating the artillery trajectory. Destroying these blimps causes the cannons to fire blind shots at the player mostly missing it target. The blimps spawn from 2 airfield that should be destroyed to stop the production on blimps. The diesel engines on the train are very durable and require heavy bombardment of cannon fire. High fire rate and high damaging weapons are required to destroy the engines before the train reaches the tunnels. When the weapon is destroyed, a scene will show it comes in too fast and explodes on the bridge. The bridge collapses from the explosion and the weight of the massive gun.

Strategy Edit

The quickest way to destroy this weapon is to destroy the 4 engines that power the train as fast as possible. Heavy damaging artillery on a well balanced battleship its recommended. If caught in a artillery barrage, the player must have great speed (40+ knots) to avoid the magma. Before the weapon approaches, the player should destroy as many blimps as possible. targeting the airfields that spawn them is first priority.

Stats Edit

Endurance 45000

Speed 172 km/h (35 km/h w/o the diesel engines)

160cm Lava Howitzer

Multi-Purpose Msl VLS

305mm Gatling Gun

100.0cm Gun

40mm Machine Gun

12.7cm High Angle Gun

Trivia Edit

The name Dora Durhi is a Combination of two Names rather than words Dora and Duri, Dora being the name Given to the Schwerer Gustav Railway Gun used by Nazi Germany during World War II, both the Largest and Heaviest Railway gun ever Fielded, it had an 800MM (34 inch) Barrel, a barrel diameter larger than the two biggest battleship Guns during the Second World War, which were 406 MM (16 Inch) for the USN Iowa Class Battleships, and 460 MM (18.1 Inch) for the IJN Yamato class Battleships.

Duri, spelled as Durhi in the game has multiple interpretations, but the most likely one is a Korean name meaning "Two" or "Second" so the Literal Translation would be Dora Two.

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