Druna Skass (Warship Gunner)

Info: Edit

Druna Skass is a supership encountered on Naval ops warship gunner and Commander. In Naval Ops warship gunner it is the last boss in the game(downgraded second to last in second playthrough). And is the second to last boss in Naval ops Commander. It is the most powerful boss and contains its trademark weapon: The wave gun.

Weaponry: Edit

Naval Ops Commander: It is armed with 80cm 75 caliber

Druna Skass Info

Naval guns as well as Guided charged particle guns, pulse lasers, multi warhead VLS, Dorn lasers, Railguns, and specially a Siorc Wave Gun.

Area: F-09

Defense: 45000

Naval Ops Warship Gunner: Unknown

Tactics: Edit

There are many methods to sink Druna Skass luckily due to it being a weak boss(And a warning of whats to come). Its mostly just going to hit you with the lasers first and knock out your engine with its 80cm 75 cal cannons, it however will only bring its wave gun to bear at 50% health. Keep behind the vessel AT ALL COSTS. In Second playthrough Druna Skass at around 30% will have carriers that will launch Halberds and DragonFly aircraft, which all need to be destroyed to get an A and encounter the special boss.

Note: Regardless of whether you get an A Rank or not on *F-9, you will still fight the Druna Skass II in *F-10, however: If you attained an A Rank on the Druna Skass fight you will unlock *F-B after you defeat the Druna Skass II (You'll know if the narrator says after the mission where you fight DS II (Rough interpretation here) that you've destroyed the Supership, but something is still out there, you've unlocked the Silfurbor Negla fight)

Data Edit

Warship Gunner Edit

Area: D-10

Endurance: 130000


80cm 75-Caliber

Guided Charged Par. Gun 3

Anti-Air Pulse Laser

Multi-Warhead Missile VLS

Salach Laser

Railgun Ealta

Wave Gun

Naval Ops Commander Edit

Area: F-09

Defense: 45000


80cm 65-Caliber

Charged Particle Burst 2

Anti-Air Pulse Laser 2

Multi-Warhead VLS 2

Sian Laser 2

Rail Gun

Wave Gun

Warship Gunner 2 Edit

Endurance: 225000

Speed: 41 kts


100.0cm Gun

Tower Railgun

80.0cm Gun

80cm Rocket Launcher

Pulse Laser

152mm High-V Gun

Magnetic Pulse Cannon

Trivia: Edit

  • Druna Skass was Originally called in the Japanese release Wolkenkrazzer(Skyscraper).
  • Damaging its wave gun while charging can cause feedback.
  • Curiously when it fires its wave gun(In Commander) it will recoil back like a rocket, this however is not a good idea as it can line up for a second shot(Unless it hits an island and will humorously bounce off).
  • Unlike Druna Skass II and Silfurbor Negla, Druna Skass has its own original ship model.
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