F2A Buffalo

The Brewster F2A Buffalo was an American Aircraft that saw limited service in World War II. Winning a competion agianst the F4F WildCat, it became the US Navy's first monoplane fighter aircraft. Many nations ordered the Buffalo fighter for their own forces, though the US Navy would find craft to be a disapointment. The Finns would find the craft most effective in combat with Soviet Fighters.

Naval Ops: Warship GunnerEdit

Type: Intercepter

Nationality: American

Speed: 517

Night: No

Price: 40


  1. 12.7 Aerial Machine Guns
  2. 100lb Bomb

Naval Ops: CommanderEdit

Type: Fighter

Nation of Origin: America (USA)

Tech (Air Tech): None

Price: 40

Night Flight: No

Endurance: 35

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