FH1 Phantom1
The McDonnell FH Phantom was a twin engine jet fighter developed for the US Navy during World War Two. It became the first fully jet powered aircraft to land on an American Aircraft Carrier, and the first to be used by the United States Marine Corps. It's sucess proved the validity of carrier based jet fighters to the United States Naval Command. The Phantom was latter modified with a stronger engine (FH-1 variant), and saw limited front line service as the United States naval command began to favor fighter-bombers. The FH Phantom lacked bomb capabilities (in Naval Ops the craft has bombing capabilities), and thus was gradually withdrawn from front line service.

Naval Ops: Warship GunnerEdit

Type: Intercepter

Nationality: American

Speed: 760

Night: Yes

Price: 600


  1. 12.7mm Aerial Machine Guns
  2. 500lb Bomb
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