One of the more interesting of aircraft rumored to have been in use during World War II is the Vril 10 Fledermaus. Still a controversial topic, the Fledermaus is alleged to be the work of the VrilGesellschaft, a secret society that is said to have been interested in the fusion of science and mysticism.

Naval Ops: CommanderEdit

Type: Scout

Nation of Origin: Germany

Tech (Air Tech): 9

Tech (Electronics): 2

Price: 200

Night Flight: Yes

Endurance: 60


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The Fledermaus appears on page 48 of the Naval Ops: Commander manual however, thus far we have been unable to obtain this craft through research and are thus certain the Fledermaus is either a mission reward, the original name used for the Foxbat, or a lost ship; a design taken from the final version of the game that somehow stayed in the manual. Looking at aircraft of similar tech levels and the background of the Fledermaus we can assume the Fledermaus would have been a fast moving flying saucer most likely equipped with a 20mm Aerial Machine Gun in addition to some form of anti-sub weaponry since the ship is categorized as a scout. Following this line of reason we can conclude that the craft would have been the earliest flying saucer available to German players. If wiki users have information concerning the aircraft in the game please message such information to an administrator.


  • Fledermaus means Bat in German.
  • Fledermaus was also the name of a German Anti-Aircraft Artiliary peice.
  • In the SF3D Universe the Fledermaus is an aircraft used by a fascist government to control its colonial holdings with force. This aircraft is almost saucer like but more closely resembles a hover jet.
  • 'Die Fledermaus' is a German Operetta.


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