The USS Fletcher

The Fletcher class destroyer was commissioned by the US Navy from 1942 to 1944 and was considered highly successful. The ship was designed when the US navy asked for a destroyer adept in Anti-Air and Anti-Submarine warfare. After WWII many of the ships were sold to other nations in order to rebuild their naval forces, including former members of the Axis Powers.

Historic Example(s)

Naval Ops: CommanderEdit

Hull: Destroyer IV

Nation of Origin: America (USA)

Defense: 560

Price: 6500

Weight: 2667t

Hull Plating: Anti - 12 cm Plating

Deck Plating: Anti - 12 cm Plating

Type: Complete

Velocity: 37.5 kt

Engine Output: 13200

Engine Efficiency: 100%

Fuel: 6666

Command Capacity: 50

Radar Range: 18

Sonar Range: 14

Evaluation: 81/100

- Armament

  1. 12.7 cm 50 - Caliber (4 Mounts)
  2. 20 mm Machine Gun (6 Mounts)
  3. 53.3 cm Torpedoes (2 Mounts)
  4. Depth Charges (2 Mount)

- Aux. Systems

  1. Radar I
  2. Sonar I

- Engine

Boiler: DD Boiler III (4 Mounts)

Turbine: DD Turbine I (2 Mounts)

- Equipment

Bridge (FWD): DD FWD Bridge VI

Bridge (AFT): DD AFT Bridge 0

Searchlight: 1

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