N1K Kyofu
The N1K Kyofu was a Japanese float plane fighter that boased heavy armaments and high durability. The craft was unique in it's time for it's automatic combat flaps which freed pilots from manually having to adjust flaps as well as decreased the chances that the engine would stall. The Shiden is a landbased variant of this model.

Naval Ops: Warship GunnerEdit

Type: Water Interceptor

Nationality: Japanese

Tech Level (Air Tech): Level needed to use this craft.

Tech Level (Other):

Tech Level (Other):

Endurance: 11

Airborne Endurance: 1982

Speed: 448

Night: No

Price: 60


  1. 20mm Aerial Machine Gun
  2. 60kg Bomb

Naval Ops: CommanderEdit


Nation of Origin:

Tech Level (Air Tech):

Tech Level (Other):

Tech Level (Other):


Night Flight:



  1. Weapon
  2. Weapon

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