Naval Ops Commander

Front Cover of Naval Ops Commander

 The 2nd Koei game in the series Commander, unlike Warship Gunner, focuses on the strategic and command aspect of Naval Combat.


"In a world hanging on to an unstable peace, the balance of power was evenly divided between the two largest nations, Navishia and Virshia.

A sudden change shook the delicate military balance between the two countries to ts very coree.Without warning, Virshia invaded its neighbors, pursuing a policy of aggressive territorial expansion.

Pockets of resistance popped up around the world, but even Navishia, supposedly equal in strength to Virshia, was unable to stop the onslaught and the chaos engulfed its own Mission Command, the heart of the resistance.

After so many years of balance, it seemed unthinkable that one of the superpowers could have emerged as such an overwelming force. Something must have thrown off the balance of power. Reports came from around the globe, detailing what happened. The attacks were carried out by giant weapons, which appeared and then vanished into the shadows, leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

Apparently, Virshia had some how developed a new technology beyond anything modern science could even comprehend. These so-called superships were being mass-produced and even the fiercest of resistance was futile.

With its Mission Command in ruins, Navishia's frontline had crumbled. Having no central bas of opperations, the various ships of the Navishia Navy were left with no sense of directio in the ensuing war.

However, one ship set out alone onan impossible quest for redemption..."

"You assume the role of a warship captain in the Navishian Navy. You must design and deploy your own ships to stop the evil nation of Virshia and their superships from taking over the world."

- Excerts from Naval Ops: Commander Manual


For completing certian tasks in the game players recieve special rewards. This is not a section for random drops.

Reward Task
Black Dragonfly Airship Obtian Rank 'A' on mission G1
Cruise Missle Launcher

Sink 500 Battleships

Double-Hulled Battleship Obatin Rank 'S' on mission D6
Drillship Obtain Rank 'A' on mission "Face to Face"
KaRyuu Aircraft Sink 100 Carriers (only with Japan)
New Submarine A Obtain Rank A on *Bα, or Rank S on *B7
New Submarine B Obtain Rank A on *Bα, or Rank S on*B7
New Submarine C Obtain Rank S on mission *E5
New Submarine D Obtain Rank S on mission *E5
Submarine A Obtain Rank A on *D1, E3, or Rank S on D5
Submarine B Obtain Rank S on mission E8
Submarine C Obtain Rank A on mission *Bα
Submarine D Obtain Rank A on *B7, or *Bα
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