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Front Cover of Warship Gunner 2

 The 3rd Koei game in the Naval Ops series. The game was released on the Playstation 2 as well as the PSP though, only in Japan. It is currently avalable via the Playstation Network.


The setting is the year 1939 of a parallel world. The story follows four naval officers resisting a coup that dethroned the nation of Wilkia's monarch and exstablished Admiral Friedrich Weisenberger as Emperor of the new Wilkian Empire which began, in a manner akin to Nazi Germany, various wars of conquest. The game holds three possible story paths, all with unique missions and endings, the path taken is determined by the players actions, as Captain Schultz of the Kingdom of Wilkia's Royal Guard, in the first two missions of the story.


  • Amagi
  • Braun
  • Friedrich Weisenberger
  • Gartner
  • Kimizuka
  • Nagi
  • Schultz
  • Tsukuba


Reward Condition to recieve
Auto-Fire Extenquisher II Complete 'Dragon's Lair' with an S ranking.
57mm Revolving Gun Complete 'Submarine in Distress' with an S ranking.


  • Warship Gunner 2 is the only game in the trilogy that allows players to build, and captain, submarines.