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Welcome to the Naval Ops Wiki 2.0[]

Hi, I'm NevekStudio user and I decided to revive this wiki. I hope that my act doesn't cause any disturb. The reason of this decision is so simple. There is a couple of time, I replayed on the game and I would like to make a remasterised game. I know that I will can't sell this futur project game due to copyright, so this will be only for my experience of video game conception. Also, Naval Ops Commander was one of my favortie games on PS2 and I would like to improve a good game that deserves to be explored and treated at its fair value. Know that first of all, I will of course make a backup before my edition. Anyone are interessted by my initiative can contact me.

Why Naval Ops Wiki 2.0 !?

I will bring some changement about the arrangement of this wiki. I'm just work on the logical sense but we can discuss on if you are not satisfected. My first objective is make a respect work zone between us.

Wiki's Topic[]

Naval Ops is a game franchise by Koei entertainment. The Series simulates varius naval combat senarios. A site dedicated to the Naval Ops video games by Koei that anyone may add to and edit. To view a list of our articles visit Index or explore on your own or if your feeling daring press the random page button.

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