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The Oumi is a type of Battleship avalable in the games.

Naval Ops: Warship GunnerEditEdit

Type: Battleship VII

Nationality: Japanese

Endurance: 6750

Velocity: 25.6Kt

Price: 154000

Weight: 28877t

Armor Type: Anti-51cm Plating

Protection Evaluation: 57% Total Protection

Engine Output: 76608

Engine Efficiency: 144%

Command Capacity: 75

Radar Range: 25

Sonar Range: 7

Aircraft: 3 Units

Launch Time: 30

Evaluation Grade: A (Heavy Protection, Heavy Armored Hull)

- Armaments:

  1. 50.8cm 50-Caliber (4 Mounts)
  2. 20.3cm 50-Caliber (4 Mounts)
  3. 10cm High Angle 65-Caliber (16 Mounts)
  4. 25mm Machine Guns (26 Mounts)

- Auxillary Systems:

  1. Sonar I
  2. Radar I

- Engine

Boiler: BB Boiler V (14 Mounts)

Turbine: Turbine V (4 Mounts)

- Equipment

Bridge (FWD): BB FWD Type VI

Bridge (AFT): BB AFT Type VI

Searchlight(s): 6 Mounts

Naval Ops: CommanderEditEdit

Here, one places the statistics for the craft from the secound Naval Ops game. They are as follows:

Hull: The Hull type of the ship (ex. Destroyer II)

Nation of Origin: What ship style (Japan, British, American, German) does one have to select to access the craft?




Hull Plating:

Deck Plating:



Engine Output:

Engine Efficiency:


Command Capacity:

Radar Range:

Sonar Range:


- Armaments: In a numbered list formate list the ships armaments in game.

  1. Armament
  2. Armament
  3. Armament
  4. Armament
  5. Armament
  6. Armament
  7. Armament

- Auxillary Systems: In a numbered list formate list the ships Aux. Systems.

  1. Aux. System
  2. Aux. System
  3. Aux. System
  4. Aux. System
  5. Aux. System
  6. Aux. System
  7. Aux. System

- Enigne: Boilers, Turbines; Gas and Atomic.



- Equipment:

Bridge (FWD):

Bridge (AFT):


Naval Ops: Warship Gunner 2EditEdit

Here, one places the statistics for the craft from the final Naval Ops game. These statistics, are as follows;

Currently we lack information on this game. As such, we are unable to create this section for the guide until information becomes more readily avallable.

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