TBF-1 Avenger

Initially developed for the US Navy and Marine Corps, the TBF(TBM for those produced by General Motors)-1 Avenger was designed by Leroy Grumman to replace the TBD Devastator. Due to it's opperational history, which included work with NASA. and being the model flown by President George W. Bush prior to his term in office, as well as Flight 19, it became one of the most famous aircraft of American origin. It would see continued use after WWII with those surviving into the 21st Century being converted to civil use. The last was sold to the Shearwater Aviation Museum in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia on July 26, 2012.

Naval Ops: Warship GunnerEdit

Type: Fighter

Nationality: American

Speed: 436

Night: Yes

Price: 60


  1. 7.62 Aerial Machine Guns
  2. Aerial Torpedoes

Naval Ops: CommmanderEdit

Type: Torpedo Bomber

Nation of Origin: America (USA)

Tech (Air Tech): 4

Tech (Electronic Tech): 1

Price: 80

Night Flight: Yes

Endurance: 55


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