Baron Joshua is the founder of Naval Ops Wiki ( as well as the Treasure Planet Wiki.

Welcome to my profile, I don't usually make one, but seeing as I have begun my own wiki I feel it appropriate to do so. I am an American who is fascinated with history, fantasy, and science fiction.

Naval OpsEdit

I can not recall when I began playing Naval Ops though it instantly became a favorite of mine.

Favorite Nation: Germany (Flying Saucers!)

Favorite Class: Battlecarriers and Cruisers

Flag Ship(s): USS Gorgon (an American Battlecarrier equiped with powerful laser weaponry).

Favorite Naval Ops Game: Warship Gunner II

Favorite PagesEdit

  1. Fledermaus
  2. Me262A
  3. FH-1 Phantom

Wiki TriviaEdit

  • What was the first page contributed to the wiki? Porter Class (My self)
  • What was the first Supership page on this wiki? Habbakuk (Bishope II)
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